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  You never have to mop or scrub your floors again    
Mopping Floors Doesn’t Work
Standard mops resuse dirty water and distribute dirt and grime around your floor evenly. Every dip into the mop bucket after the first simply recoats the mop head in an ever dirtier mess. Dirt settles in the “valleys” of grout and pits in your tile, often changing the color of your grout to a grimy black. The very act of mopping can transform your floor into a breeding ground for bacteria and other health hazards, and can result in an unpleasant smell as well.
Our recom- Duplex DP 420 Floor Scrubber
mended aftercare solution is the revolutionary Duplex 420 Low Mositure Floor Cleaning Machine. One unit can clean your hard floors and your carpeted areas.
  Mopping spreads dirt and bacteria Mopping leaves dirt in grout and lower areas  
Duplex DP 420 Floor Scrubber
  Rinsing Is Not Done Properly Improperly rinsed floors lead to build up and can become slippery  
Few people realize the extent to which a floor needs to be rinsed with clean, fresh
water after a cleaning solution is used. If you’re not using a no-rinse, neutral cleaner, the soap you use to clean your floor can actually “polymerize” into the pores of your tile leaving a buildup that over time will make your floors more slippery and dangerous to walk on.
DP 420 Underside
  Products like degreasers need to be rinsed very thoroughly, sometimes as much as 5 gallons of clean water for every 1 gallon of product solution used.  
  Scrubbing is Time Consuming, Hard Work
The only alternative to mopping is scrubbing. Without scrubbing the floor and extracting the dirt from the surface, build up can continue for years. But scrubbing is intensive, time consuming work that doesn’t fit into most commercial business’ routine operations. Employees don‘t like to do it, and in many cases it simply doesn’t get done. Without an efficient means to remove the loosened dirt from the floor’s surface, it can be a pointless effort anyway.
Thorough and Effective Cleaning
Twin counter rotating brushes
with over 800,000 bristles moving at 650 rpm
  Never scrub your floor by hand again  
Duplex DP 420 Cleans Right to the Edge
Cleans Right To The Edge
Unique offset brush system and
two-way handle allows cleaning to the very edge.
Our Solution: The DP 420
The Duplex 420 is the most popular compact floor & carpet scrubber on the market. It’s a medium sized floor cleaner that is suited for Healthcare, Hospitality, Restaurants, Food Processing, and Cleaning industries. A Duplex is an all-in-one Floor Scrubber/Washer/Dryer that makes floor cleaning faster, easier and greener than ever. This compact and highly maneuverable machine will clean large carpeted or hard floor areas in next to no time.
Duplex DP 420 Works forwards and backwards
The DP 420 Works On All of These Flooring Types and More...
Duplex DP 420 cleans vinyl, timber, sports, safety floors, profiled rubber, profiled ceramic, natural stone, flotex, carpet, and more
Duples works Forward or Backwards
Carefully balanced design
ensures that the Duplex is the only floor washer truly effective in forwards and backwards operation.
How The Duplex Floor Scubber Works
At the squeeze of the trigger, dual large capacity cleaning solution tanks (1) dispense liquid evenly along the full length of both agitator brushes (2). The twin conveyors (3) simultaineously lift dirt solution from the brushes to a central recovery tank. The Duplex system replaces mops, buckets, scrubbers, polishers and carpet extractors with single compact unit. All tanks are easily accessible and removable to make filling, emptying, and cleaning simple and easy.
Easy one handed operation of Duplex DP 420
Diagram of Duplex DP 420 operation
Easy To Use With Only One Hand!
Just flick the switch and the
Duplex comes alive, the Duplex is designed for single handed operation.
Duplex 420 Adjustable Machine Height
Product Specifications
Cleaning Path: 14”
Solution Tank: 1.6 GAL
Recovery Tank: 1 GAL
Brush Speed: 780 RPM
Brush Pressure: 57 LBS
Brush Motor: 1000W - 1.3 HP
Power Cord: 35 FT
Weight: 57 LBS
Low Moisture Cleaning
Adjustable Machine Height
Duplex DP 420 Optional Escalator Cleaning Kit
With a simple flickof a switch the
Duplex adjusts its height to suit the different type of flooring.
Escalator Kit For DP 420
Kit Includes:
Top Lid, Water Tanks, Guide Wheels, Special Escalator Brushes.
Duplex DP 420 Optional Brushes
Duplex DP 420 Optional Travel Trolley
Choose from four brushes to suit
the required flooring.
Duplex Trolley
Trolley Includes:
Heavy Duty Cart and Oversized Wheels. The Cart locks the Duplex handle in the upright position, allowing for easy transport to any location.
BLACK - Deep Scrubbing
GREY - Standard (Comes included)
YELLOW - Medium to Long Carpet
BLACK 2 - .50 Hard Bristle Brush
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We’ve Got You Covered
We carry a full line of scrubbers, carpet extractors, wet/dry vacs,
pressure washers, and more. Our products are the best in the industry, and we can offer expert advice on what equipment will most affordably and efficiently meet your specific needs.
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