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  Solving Your Slippery Floor Problems
More than one third of
Caution Wet Floor Signs Can Be A Thing of the Past Your Floor Doesn't Need To Be A Safety Hazard
Are placing "Caution: Wet Floor Signs" a part of your every day routine? Do you have to cover your floor in mats so employees or customers don't slip and hurt themselves. Find out how we can solve this problem forever.
adults 65 and older fall each year (Hornbrooket al. 1994; Hausdorff et al. 2001).
Of those who fall, 20% to
30% suffer moderate to severe injuries that make it hard to get around, or live alone and increase the chance of early death (Alexander etal. 1992).
Never Use A Mop Again  
Older adults are hospital-
What We Offer
Our solutions will scrub your floors with the ease of pushing a vacuum cleaner.

ized for fall-related injuries five times more often than they are for injuries from other causes (Alexander etal. 1992).
Source: US CDC

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